Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Summer Tea

       Hello everyone,

With the beautiful weather we are
having I am enjoying being out in
the garden as much as I can.
However, I did take time out
to enjoy some fresh biscuits
with rhubarb jam today.

                                                                           I have had these Florence  dishes
                                                                           for several years now and use them
                                                                           quite often.This is another set by
                                                                           Skye McGhie
    I lucked in to several of these
       cups and saucers at a thrift store.

                                                                       A bouquet of peonies and
                                                                       roses from our garden.
                                                                       Ah! peonies and roses.....
                                                                       two of my favorite flowers.

We have rhubarb in our garden
so I always make some  rhubarb
jam with it for our biscuits.
Perfect with a cup of tea!

       I took lots of photos in the garden today
 to capture the beauty for those long
winter months. 

         In a few days I will have hundreds of peony
   blossoms to enjoy in the garden or pick
   for bouquets. I better not go far without
my camera!

Thank you for popping in for
a summer tea!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

First Summer Garden Tour

                                                                         Welcome Summer!

                                              Summer has arrived and the garden is bursting into bloom!

                                                                        I took a few quick shots last
                                                                        evening of some highlights.

                                                                          The lupins are amazing this year.

                                                             This morning I grabbed my camera
                                                             and took a few more shots. The Korean
                                                             lilacs are in full bloom and smell heavenly.

                                                                        Martha's Garden

I am going out with my daughter for a
little time out before school is out for the 
summer but I hope to see you soon as there
is so much more to show you!

Enjoy your day!